Membership Milestone Achieved – Over 50% Capacity

Here we are, more than halfway through the cut.  In less than two weeks since the launch of our membership program, we’ve filled more than half of our membership slots. 

Make The Cut – Sign Up Now!

Considering this great success and the more than 20 early applicants who haven’t completed their enrollment, we will be near capacity very soon.  We encourage everyone to sign up online to secure their membership.

For early applicants who wish to complete their enrollment:

To refresh, VIP members get:

  • Unlimited cuts
  • Have access to online booking 24/7 
  • Can book their appointments 30 days in advance. 

Non-members will only be able to book online 24 hours in advance and during business hours.  

The cost for a single person membership is $95 a month and a Family membership for $125 a month. Family membership allows for 1 adult and 2 children up to 14 yrs of age.

Thank you for being a valuable customer and we look forward to serving you in the future.