VIP Membership Program Announcement

To all of our valued customers:

We understand that to fully accommodate our clients’ needs our business has to adapt and plan for the future.  With an increasing demand for our services, appointment availability becomes limited. To remedy this we have created our Exclusive VIP Membership Program which we will be fully moved over to on November 1.

Our Exclusive VIP Membership includes unlimited cuts and shaves, preference booking, and will be limited to 200 members. Non members will still be able to book appointments online but only during business hours and 24 hours in advance.  VIP members will be able to book their appointments 24/7 and up to 30 days in advance.

Vagaro will no longer be used and booking will take place on our website at 

We are now accepting applications for early enrollment for our VIP program. To apply, submit the form at

In addition to the launch of our VIP program, on November 1 we will be increasing our prices to meet today’s increasing costs of doing business.

Men’s haircuts will become $50, Boys $40, and a full shave will be back as a service for $50.

Regular appointments will be extended to 40 minutes so we can give the best service possible. 

I personally appreciate all of you for supporting us the past few years and we hope to keep serving you. We will continue to improve, develop and fine tune our new program for best of use in serving our clients. Thank you for your patience during this transition.